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The programme


The 14th Konitsa Summer School teaching and fieldwork activities

The 14th Konitsa Summer School offers a full academic programme with an emphasis on theoretical, epistemological and methodological issues in Sociocultural Anthropology. The course "Ethnographic Research in Border Areas" is the core course, which explores the borders, border crossings and boundary construction processes in SE Europe.

Moreover, the School’s programme includes courses discussing the current political and economic conditions in SE Europe. The relationship between data gathering and data analysis and the writing of ethnography are discussed as intellectual, methodological and epistemological tools for the conduct of the fieldwork practice. A special ethnographic focus on environmental history and cultural ecology which explores issues related to the border area complements a rich and advanced curriculum.

The participants have a chance to conduct short fieldwork projects in three Balkan countries, participate in the BCN’s publication series, actively engage in local issues, and become acquainted with the border area. Various lecturers join their forces to teach providing an international aura and enhancing the School’s interdisciplinary character.


Courses offered


Courses offered
22 – 25/7


1. New trends in economic anthropology

2. Environmental history and cultural ecology of the Mediterranean and the Balkans. The case of Pindus and the adjacent borderlands

3. Post-socialist Balkans

4. Doing fieldwork: theory, method and the production of anthropological knowledge


Ethnographic Research in Border Areas
26 – 30/7

5. Fieldwork exercise in Albania, Greece and the F.Y. Republic of Macedonia for all participants

(the participation in it is obligatory and a prerequisite for the certificate of attendance)

Preparation for the presentation of the fieldwork exercise results

Presentation of the fieldwork exercise results

 *See the attached documents of the course description and the daily plan below



 Invited speaker


Prof James Carrier

 More about the lecture and the workshop soon...


LECTURE: Soon to be announced

WORKSHOP:Soon to be announced






Day Trips

An excursion to the Greek-Albanian border area will take place on Friday, 26th of July as an introduction of the participants into the border landscape, proximity and its function as well as to its people and its history.



Cultural events

July and August are months in which many social events, religious celebrations and public feasts, that include traditional music and dancing, take place in the town of Konitsa and the surrounding area.

These occasions are great opportunities for the participants to get more familiar with the area and its people, know each other, socialize and get entertained. As every year, we will attend as many as possible.


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