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Travel to and from Konitsa

Travel costs for coming to and leaving Konitsa
are expected to be covered by the participants themselves.

Travel arrangements for the course “Ethnographic research in border areas”

Accepted applicants-citizens from non-EU and non-European countries are asked to find out if they need visa to enter Greece and/or Albania and North Macedonia (depending on the choice of the fieldwork site). For those who will choose to conduct research in Albania or the Republic of North Macedonia, and, thus, will have to travel across the border from Greece to these countries, you should consider a number of issues:
•    Bring your passport along or ID [for Greek nationals, an ID with latin letters is also OK]
•    Find out if you need extra visa to enter each country from Greece and return to Greece [Greek passport holders do not need visa]
•    Consider that you might need extra money for your accommodation, meals and possible transportation. These expenses are not covered by the School. An estimation of these costs will be given to the accepted applicants.

See below some important information and tips regarding the ways to arrive in Konitsa once you have reached Greece:

By plane

If you fly in to Athens airport, you can get a plane to Ioannina and then a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa. The Athens airport is the only possibility for a direct flight to Ioannina.
The next possibilities to arrive by plane close to Ioannina are Thessaloniki, Corfu or Aktio.
Thessaloniki: You then take a bus to Ioannina and then a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa
Corfu: you need to take a ferry to Igoumenitsa, a bus to Ioannina and a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa
Aktio: It is a military base where charter flights are landed. You need to go to Preveza (10 Km) take a bus to Ioannina and then a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa

By ferry

You can travel by ferry from Italy to Igoumenitsa. Then a bus to Ioannina and a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa

By train

There is no train connection for Ioannina and that part of Greece in general.
Yet, this is a convenient way to travel through the Balkans and arrive in Thessaloniki. You then take a bus to Ioannina and then a bus (or taxi) to Konitsa


By bus

The most probable places to take a bus are Athens, Thessaloniki and Igoumenitsa in order to come to Ioannina. There you will have to get another bus to bring you to Konitsa. The bus time table will be announced in due time. 

Arriving in Thessaloniki (plane, train, bus)

You all need to reach the Intercity bus station (KTEL Makedonia). It is on the western side of the city. All buses arrive and depart from there. So if you arrive:

By plane:

By train:
The train station is not far from the bus station. Still, you need to ask about the buses that
will bring you there.
By bus:
Buses from abroad arrive either at the train station or the bus station. In the first case, read above. In the second, you just stay there and look for the gate of the Ioannina bus.
Check on:
Urban transportation of Thessaloniki:
Important routes – clock on “route information” and select the bus number and the route – then check on the “departure from return stop”:
Macedonia Intercity Bus Station:

Arriving in Ioannina (plane, bus)

By plane:
You need to take a taxi to the Bus station
By bus:
You stay at the same station and look for the gate of the Konitsa bus.
Ioannina Intercity Bus Station:

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